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The average person is exposed to between 6K – 10K ads daily. If your company is going to be relevant and profitable, you must break through the noise. And we have the experience, know-how, and track record of doing it. 

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Before you walk out your front door and head to work in the morning, you are exposed to about 500 ads. Shocking? Yes. Unrealistic? Not when you consider the ads you are exposed to on the radio, tv, and online. Getting and keeping people’s attention has never been more challenging. Businesses, nonprofits, and associations serving the healthcare and medical industries face additional, unique challenges. And breaking through the noise isn’t enough. You have to get your prospect to convert. 

Considering how many ads people are exposed to in a day and that people need to be exposed to your ads anywhere from 6 to 20 times before they take action, the importance of strong branding and messaging becomes clear. The value of a solid marketing and communications strategy is essential. 

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